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A DVD Disc Repair Machine Simo dsr1 ZDAG 102 - PSP Ready

A DVD Disc Repair Machine Simo dsr1 ZDAG 102 - PSP Ready

Redesigned - ZDAG 102 DVD Disc Repair Machine with PSP built lid and knob

Use the middle pad holder and PSP knob for PSP discs. Do not use the middle pad holder and regular knob for all other discs.

ZDAG 102, a dvd repair machine, is the world''s first home-use/small video rental use automatic optical disc scratch removal machine. A DVD repair machine/kit in other words it is. Will work on HD and blu-ray DVDs also. HD will be cleaned like new. Blu-ray will get functionality back.

ZDAG 102 DVD Disc Repair Machine Demo video

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clck here for Instructions to use DVD Disc Repair Machine

So this disc repair machine can be a cd cleaner, game disc polisher, dvd fixer and a surface shiner.
This machine is made in Taiwan by Simotech.
ZDAG 101, the dvd repair machine, can not only repair the discs (DVDs) but really remove all scratches, restoring discs to a like-new condition (within reason).

10 seconds repair time

This DVD Disc Repair Machine Repairs/ Cleans/ Polishs the following:
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, GAME DISC, PS II, X-BOX DISC and other optical disc.
It will repair HD-DVD like new. However blu-ray will be fixed to get play function but will not get a new finish. 

The DVD Repair machine supports
12cm and 8cm disc - which includes DVDs, CD, Game Disc, Mini Discs.

DVD Repair Time
Light scratch: 10~30 secs
Medium scratch: 40~60 secs
Deep scratch: 70~90 secs


note: ZDAG 101 DVD Disc Repair Machine is so cheap that you can buy two so that you can make a dvd repair station and a dvd cleaning station with different dvd rubbing pads.
The dvd repair machine comes with supplies for about 100 dvd or cd repairs and almost unlimited dvd or cd polishing and cleaning.
PSP repair Machine Kit includes the following
ZDAG 101 dvd repair Machine comes with the following accessories

Green Glueless Sticker 2PCS
Transparent Glueless Sticker 2PCS
Red DVD Polishing Compound Cream for deep scratches 1PC
Yellow DVD Polishing Compound Cream for minor scratches 1PC
White DVD Finish Polishing Compound 1PC
Yellow DVD Polishing Pad 100PCS
Blue DVD cleaning Pad 10PCS
White DVD Polishing Pad 10PCS
Disc Cleaner 1PC

each set of accessories can repair about 100 dvds, discs and polish countles

Warranty: The dvd repair machine comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - ask for RMA number - return in original packaging - you pay freight both ways and we may charge you $10 for the supplies used.

Repair: Six months - We will repair or replace it.

Minor description of the kit For DVD Disc Repair Machine.

There are three types of pads
Blue for polishing the dvds as new.
Yellow for repairing scratches.
White for buffing the dvd and cleaning minor scratches.
White and Yellow pad can only be used about twice.
Blue can be used many times

Creams -
A spray for cleaning every day dvds - shine
white - for polishing after repairs.
yellow for minor scratches
red for major scratches.

The kit that comes with the machine can fix 100 to 200 dvds and
polish as many as 1000.

You buy supplies as you finish them. Usage is different for different people.

Please look at the product details for how many of each kind is in the kit and combo and individual packages.
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