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Ordering info:
Supplies that are freight included will be mailed/shipped by the cheapest possible way - at our discretion.
We have just installed the new USPS International shipping module - but we are having errors in addresses and rates. Please bear with us while we fix them.

Once in a while interface with Google checkout flares up and you may not be able to see freight charges or sales tax charges. On those occasions we will get back to you with a corrected full order.

We take credit cards only from US and Canada. Rest of the world needs to use paypal.
We only ship via USPS for outside of US. You save on customs and duties that way.
For Canada, System shows the option for fedex Ground - but we do not ship Fedex outside of US - so please do not choose fedex ground
Make sure you choose the correct voltage machine for your country.
Let us know if you find something unfriendly in the site, we will be thankful and fix it right away.

Some supplies are  sold  "Freight Included"

Ordering Options:
1) Credit Card - Only from US and Canada - We will not ship to an address that is not registered with    your Credit Card Company.
2) Check - Make an order - print the order, send check with your order to address below - we will wait for the check to clear before shipping. US only
3) Paypal - You can pay via paypal - we will ship to the verified and authorized address.
4) Phone Ordering - Call 650-230-8014

5) Fax Ordering - make fax order - print order - fax that with your cc info to 650-230-8090

6) Purchase orders - from Libraries, Government Offices, Public Companies - print order - mail or fax with purchase order.
645 National Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043   

T: 650-230-8014

F: 650-230-8090

Most of all suppplies, parts, machines, combos are freight included. They will be shipped via first class mail or USPS or EMS (from Taiwan). We can ship via a faster route on our discretion. For orders going into other countries, You are responsible for Customs, duties, taxes, brokerage fees, etc associated with you order.
It is cheaper to buy combos (swaps accepted) vs. buying individual supplies.
We are looking for Distributors in all countries.
send request to sales@zdag.com

Guidelines for shipping charges on our site.

wt(lbs) CA US - Mainland US - AK, PR, HI CANADA Asia Rest
0-1 4 4 5 8 12 15
1-2 6 7 8 12 19 25
2-4 8 9 11 15 25 40
4-8 12 15 25 35 53 60
8-20 17 20 25 43 70 $6/lb


For larger orders, email us for shipping estimates.