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Features (added to webERP - open source).

Costs . There are two kinds of costs.

  • LPP . Last purchase price or the replenishment cost . the weighted average cost is derived from here. Sales People see this cost while quoting.

  • OTC . one time cost . special non-recurring cost. This is what you pay the vendor. The difference in LPP and OTC goes into cash discount.

  • You have the option to pay sales people commissions based on LPP or OTC.

  • You can also add an overhead percent to the OTC cost.

Inventory Control . Besides normal functions of Inventory Control, you can also do the following.

  • Assign bin numbers . so parts are easily located.

  • When pulling parts for assembly/manufacturing, mark as pulled so you have an accurate count of parts in stock.

  • Reports tell you how many parts are on quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, or in assembly areas.

  • Reports on items just received and what orders they go to.

  • Reports generated on overstocked items.

Quotes . Make, save, print, edit, delete, clone, and transfer to orders.

Orders/Sales  . Besides normal activities.

  • Sales Margin reports

  • Open A/R by Salesperson

  • Open orders by Salesperson

  • Invoiced Sales by Salesperson

A/R . Besides normal activities

  • List of Customers by Salesperson

  • List of Customers by revenue

  • Amounts recd from Customers by months/years.

A/P . Besides normal activities

  • Recent Checks written

  • Vendors paid months/years.

  • Cash/Flow

Purchasing . Instant reports for items on outstanding Sales orders minus items on Purchase and Items with Quantity on hand. These reports are great for Just in Time Inventory.

General Ledger . Besides normal activities.

  • GL summary listing reports by months/Years. (This is great for checking if some expenses have not been paid for any month or paid twice in a month, etc)

Admin Dash Board .

  • Open orders,

  • Current A/R,

  • Current A/P,

  • Current Inventory,

  • Bank Balance, etc.

  • Recent Activities List

  • Table of Sales by Years, Months, Days

Tracking of assembly/Manufacturing process . coming soon

CRM . coming soon

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