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Q. What kind of discs will it fix?

***NEW - with a PSP optional kit - you can repair PSP discs too. Or You can buy a new machine which is already PSP ready.    

A. This dvd repair machine repairs/cleans the following:
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, GAME DISC, PS II, X-BOX DISC and other optical disc.

It will repair HD-DVD like new. However blu-ray will be fixed to get play function but will not get a new finish. Will not work on PSP

The DVD Repair machine supports
12cm and 8cm disc - which includes DVDs, CD, Game Disc, Mini Discs.

DVD Repair Time
Light scratch: 10~30 secs
Medium scratch: 40~60 secs
Deep scratch: 70~90 secs

Q. What are the glue-less Stickers for?

A. They are for two things.
   1) To keep the CD. DVD slipping on the table. It makes the disc stuck to the rotating table.
   2) There are two of them for different thickness of the disc that you are working on. Ex. If the table does not rotate when you put the lid down and press the button, then you need to use the slimmer, green,  sticker. The green one is thinner and used for discs with label or thicker discs and the transparent one is a thicker one and can be used on discs without the label side or thin discs. In some cases we need to elevate the discs so the pads can do better cleaning so we use the green and transparent together. There are also cases when the disc plate can hardly spin because the pads are pressing to tight on the disc. In these cases, we do not use any plastic, just make sure the knob seals the disc tight on the plate.
The green sticker is thinner than the transparent one.

Q. My machine does not rotate on pressing the button.

Please do this test so we would know if its motor problem.  Open the lid, push the little button inside the rectangular hole near the hinge and start the machine. Do not release the button until the plate stops to spin. If the plate spin normally, then it could just be the pad holders. If not, we may need to replace the motor.

When the motor is running but the plate won't spin, it could be because the pads are pressing too hard on the disc and the plate is having difficulty making the initial spin. Also, padholders are detachable and they sometimes move forward when you pull out the pads. You just need to make enough space between the pads and the disc to get it to spin. You can do this by first, making sure that the pad holders are settled all the way back to its base. Press the pad holders back to the lid. You can also use the thinner plastic - green sticker on top of the plate, or not use any sticker at all. You can also press the pads to make them thinner before you attach them to the pad holders.

Q. What are the blue pads for?

After you have repaired the disc with the yellow and white pads and the three creams, you use the blue pads with the spray (blue) to polish the disc like new. You can use the polish any time to remove dust and shine the disc.

Some tips:
Use two machines if you have a small store or run thru a lot of discs. One to repair and one to polish the dvd/cd. This way you will use the blue pads for 
100s of uses before replacing them and the system will be faster and less expensive.  If you do not want to use two machines, get two more pad holders - then you can keep your blue pads on one set and just  replace the whole pad holder to polish after repairing and back to the repairing again with the other pad holders.